About the Exhibition



01 – 03 December, 2022 (3 Days)


ICCB – International Convention City Bashundhara, Kuril Bishwa Road

(Next to 300 ft. Purbachal Express Highway) Dhaka, Bangladesh.


Savor International Limited



About The Show


Nowadays both in semi-urban and urban areas in Bangladesh, the demand for diversified need is increasing day by day. Among various needs entertainment plays a very important role. For changing the regular life pattern, for refreshment, for getting the mental peace, people are looking for entertainment where amusement park is one of the balanced solution in terms of money and time. Amusement park is not only a source of entertainment but also a vibrant source of profit for a country.

Tourism is considered as the world’s largest and rapid growing industry of modern business world. It has a vital influence on economic development of any country. Bangladesh is full of natural attractive places as well as artificially constructed tourism places. Along with natural beauties, artificial establishments like amusement parks have great impacts on tourism of Bangladesh.

Though the amusement park concept is new in Bangladesh, gradually it is gaining popularity like Western, European and other developed Asian countries. The first amusement park of Bangladesh is recorded to be “Shishu Park” in 1979.Since then, over the years there has been the coming up of very notable high quality amusement parks in Bangladesh. There are endless economic aspects that are associated with the establishment of these parks apart from their notable influence on tourism.

Along with the technological advancement, life pattern has changed drastically whereas very few scope to go somewhere else to enjoy. More, for going to anywhere, sometimes it takes long time to plan or money issues .So, people find the amusement park most effective and worthy to visit and spend time with family and friends . It has found that everyone is fascinated by amusement parks no matter what the age of a person is. Amusement centers provide attractions more elaborate than simple city park or playground. Most of the amusement park are equipped with convention Centre, resort, attractive rides, so people also choose these not as a mode of entertainment also for various purpose i.e education tour, official tour, official meetings, arranging concerts .

Bangladesh government reformed the national tourism policy in 2010. Aims and goals of this policy is to increase employment, ensure economic development, environmental purity and sustainability. The major objective of the policy is to develop Eco-tourism through conservation of natural resources and promote well-being of the community, preservation of cultural values of the local community and their participation and sharing benefits. Government of Bangladesh launched an act of “Protected areas of tourism and special tourism zone. Bangladesh is the country in the region that have the least arrivals and revenue earned from tourism industry. Tourism is going to be one of the most expanding sectors in Bangladesh.

Keeping the above study in mind, Savor International is initiating the International Exhibition in Dhaka, Bangladesh in the name of “AMUSEMENT SHOW 2022”. It is going to be the largest platform for International and local manufacturers as well as importers, where they can showcase their products. It’s a great opportunity for the international manufacturers to find new dealers and distributors or agent for Bangladesh market.


Visitor Profile

Personal Invitation to Chairman, MD, CEO’s, other I decision makers, investors, consultants and experts from the following fields:

• Businessmen
• Facility and Utility Management
• Project Developers
• Financing and Investment
• CEO’s & Operation / Production Managers from
• Automation ALL Industry sectors of Bangladesh
• Urban Planning
• Consultancy and Engineering Services
• Rural Planning
• Contractors
• Traders from all sectors of the Industry
• Top Executives
• Trade and Business Centers

  • • Schools, Colleges & Universities
    • Architecture and Construction
    • Manufacturers, Importers & Exporters
    • Universities
    • Government Agencies
    • Park & Resort Designer
    • Holiday Resort Owners
    • Amusement Park Owner
    • Entertainment Agency
    • Media
    and more…

IMC Plan For Amusement Show 2022

Pre-event Promotion:

  • Newspaper insertion – in renowned dailies.
  • Advertisements in Business, Fashion and Lifestyle Magazines.
  • Radio Commercial insertion in FM Radios- from 10 days before the event.
  • Television Commercial at prime time.
  • Digital media- Social Media pages, Web Ads in renowned high traffic web pages.
  • Multiple Billboards/Banner for in strategic Locations/Posters.
  • Invitation Cards for personalized invitation.
  • Outdoor Communication in LED projections.
  • Vehicle branding for the expo.
  • Telemarketing.

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